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Interest in villa holidays in Turkey has been increasing rapidly in recent years. This form of holiday, which has existed for a long time in the world, was not known by our people until a few years ago, since it was not practiced professionally in our country. The villa rental system, which is frequently preferred especially in Europe and America, started in line with the demands of the tourists coming to our country; In all inclusive hotels; It has also become widespread thanks to holidaymakers who do not want to wait in line at the same restaurant by swimming in the same pool with 500 people, in short, who want to have a holiday according to their own rules without being disturbed. Over time, villa options have increased and options such as ultra-luxury villas, seaside villas, sheltered villas with invisible pools and terraces, nature villas, holiday apartments have emerged.

Things to consider before renting a villa:

Is the ad real?
Be sure to check the authenticity of the ad. If possible, tour the villa, otherwise tell your agency that you want to see the villa, if you like it, say that you will rent it. Under normal circumstances, a genuine rental company will gladly accept your offer.

Are the pictures of the house realistic?
Search for photos of the house online ( and check. Thus, you can find photos of villas abroad and distinguish scammers claiming to be in Göcek or Fethiye.

Are all dates available?
Scammers usually respond positively to all the dates you want. If that’s the case, be suspicious.

 have a landline number?
A serious company will also have a landline phone.

Can they declare a tax plate?
If the answer is negative, you may not have a real company in front of you.

Is the value of the villa below market?
Compare your preferred villa with similar ones. Think twice with so many discounts.

have a quality website?
Scammers usually don’t have websites that put a lot of effort into them. Therefore, be careful when booking through a regular website of only a few pages. In addition, you can be sure that the site you want to get rental villa service is part of a serious real estate company, by querying the internet domain name ownership of the site or by checking the bank account information.