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Rental villas, which outweigh the advantageous aspects, are one of the new generation holiday types. Offering the desired features for rough families, friends and newly married couples at high standards, these houses are away from the noise and are comfortable. The comfort that hotel rooms cannot offer, makes it possible to rent at affordable prices and makes people smile.

Respecting privacy, the villas also prevent being undecided with their many options. With the rental villas that allow you to relieve the stress of a year in a short time, your morale and motivation will rise again. While you are waiting for an ordinary holiday, these structures that will surprise you with unforgettable moments are ready in the most beautiful places of our country. It will be more exciting than your dreams to have a holiday in the most beautiful places that fascinate with their nature such as Fethiye, Kaş, Kalkan, İslamlar, Ölüdeniz and Üzümlü.


Rental villas give you the feeling of having a holiday on a quiet island with their interior decoration and give you memories that you will never forget for a lifetime. Instead of being confined to a single room and pool in hotels, you can enjoy your holiday freely in villas. With the pool and garden options specially designed for you, you can choose the one that suits your mood. You can chat and watch the sea view in a garden that is animated with fragrant and rare plants. Rental villas can be found both near the sea and by the sea. So you can spend hours in your private pool or swim in the sea. Or you can wake up to the new day with the chirping of birds, alone with nature in the villas built on the slopes.


Rental villa prices are also quite diverse. The houses that are more affordable or sometimes almost close to the hotels stand out with their peace, quietness and the chance to be away from the eyes. Prices rise and fall according to the number of people, distance from the center, location, number of rooms and extra features of the house. With the filtering options on our site, it is quite easy to find a villa for rent that suits your needs without paying a lot of money.

You can determine the size of the fun yourself by offering daily, weekly or monthly rentals. Thanks to modern furniture and a fully equipped kitchen, you can cook your own meals and experience the comfort of your own home. You can relax at home, have fun or explore the natural beauty of the area. You are in the right place to find the most beautiful villas with terrace, pool, garden, jacuzzi or hammam options.