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Luxury vacation rentals that can replace 5-star hotels are now one of today’s holiday options. It is quite normal for him to be so famous and show himself to many people. Because besides being a standard hotel, it offers more independent areas. In addition, it offers a peaceful holiday as it is away from the rows of meals, noise and crowds of eyes. Although hotels are among the facilities that do their job properly, staying in single-person hotels may not be suitable for everyone.

Instead, holiday lovers prefer houses that appeal to a large area where everything from the pool to the garden will be under control. It will give you the feeling of your own home but it will also make you feel luxurious. Everything you are looking for, from wide technological television to unlimited internet, is in these houses. Once you try it, you’ll want to book your place at the same place every summer. It will allow you to leave your busy work pace behind and start the day more energetic. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the moment better and make a fresh start to the new season.


Luxury holiday rentals built by tourism companies in cities and towns such as Antalya, Kalkan, İslamlar, Muğla, Üzümlü, Mersin will make you happy. The villas, built in a nature-friendly way without harming any living thing, will immerse you in nature. For those who want to be secluded and relax, conservative cottages built on the slopes and enclosed are also among the options. If you want to be both secluded and close to the sea, you can choose houses by the sea.

A luxury and quality holiday is not just about the sea. You can also prefer places such as mountains, valleys and forests with views reaching the stars. You can reach your daily needs more easily by searching their proximity to the main center with the filtering method of our website. You do not need to bring anything for fully furnished cottages. You can start enjoying the day by just picking up your clothes and personal belongings and settling in quickly.


With luxury vacation rentals, everything will be at your fingertips. It has everything you and your guests would want, such as large and comfortable beds, sitting groups, clean pool and linens, unlimited internet. Yes, you can come to these cottages with your family or friends. In this way, you can play various games in your garden and be a partner in conversations. There are also many indoor activities. Luxury holiday rentals offer many activities from game consoles to billiards and table tennis. When you are bored, you can organize movie nights or sip your tea on the terrace against the view. You can spend time in your home whenever you want in your holiday resort. You can participate in nature walks, boat tours and cultural excursions. There are no additional charges or charges as all prices are all inclusive. You can contact us for more detailed information. You can take advantage of discounted prices by booking your place before the season.