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The summer heat is starting to make itself felt. For those who think about where to go and what to do these days when everyone’s holiday plans are accelerating, how about exploring Göcek, the beautiful and quiet holiday resort of Fethiye district?The fact that Göcek is equipped to meet all your holiday expectations will contribute to a happy holiday. If you want to eat the best olive oil dishes, if you want to do sports, you can’t find better than Göcek. Well, if you say you want a historical trip and a holiday together, you are at the right place again. Let’s explore the history of Göcek Islands together.

Time flows differently on the islands in Göcek

Göcek, located between Muğla’s Dalaman and Fethiye district borders, will show you another face of time with its bays and islands. Get ready to explore the islands of Göcek one by one, accompanied by the colorful flowers that cover everywhere in the spring and the scent of pine spreading around. Take a look at the islands in Göcek, which are offered to travelers under the name of 12 Islands. Time will pass differently with the first of them, Kızılada trip. After sunset, the sand and pebbles on the shores take on a reddish color. The island got its name from here. Besides this unique beauty, there is also a lighthouse. Since it is not possible to make waves due to its location, anchoring and swimming here will make you forget that time flies. Deliktaş island, which comes after Kızılada, is the first stop of travelers who want to dive.

Consisting of 5 islands of different sizes, Yassıca Islands are just one of the frequently preferred spots for daily boat tours. Although these islands, which do not have a single name, vary in size, they are actually so small! There are no facilities or accommodation points on the islands. In this respect, there is no other option other than the points where you can go only for daily tours or with the yacht you rented. But if you wish, you can set up a tent here and be the sole owner of the island during your holiday. Isn’t it very exciting? The island with two beaches is like a small pool. You can see all the islands with a half-hour swimming session.

After your Yassıca Islands tour, you can go to Zeytin Island and visit the olive squeezing workshop, which is a private property from the Ottoman period. Where do you think Göcek’s famous olives and olive oils come from? Then you can see Tersane Island, known as the largest of the islands in Fethiye. You can visit the Greek villages that were evacuated after the First World War and take very nice photo frames. If you hear the phrase “Summer and Winter Harbor” somewhere on the way, don’t be confused, the sailors named it Shipyard Island. We are only halfway through our island tour. Pig or Prince Island, which takes its name from the wild pigs living on the island, has the feature of being an island where boat owners can get away from everything and listen to the sound of peace because it is a sheltered island from the sea. wind.

Are you ready to take a look at the bays while visiting the islands?

Göbün Bay, located on the south side of Domuz Island and known for its narrow entrance, is a true olive tree paradise. At the same time, there are rock cemeteries and ancient ruins in the bay, where you can find traces of the past. If you are on a blue cruise, you can relax in Göbün Bay and feel the coolness of the sea in your veins. While entering the cove, on the shore of the pier, there is the famous Cleopatra Bath, half of which is under the sea. It is a hammam built by Cleopatra to add beauty to her beauty. You can visit this place to add a different beauty and mystery to your beauty, or you can reach the ancient ruins of Lydae with a 30-minute nature walk.